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We have to go back a fair bit to get to this point we are at now.
In 1986 Steve Klassen moved to Kelowna, with his young family in tow. He left the construction
industry behind in 1989 and started working with Linda at Valley Canvas and Awning, ready to
learn some new skills. It was there he learned the tricks of the trade, sewing, sales and
installation, and worked hard for the next 6 years honing in his skills.

In 1996 Steve left Valley Canvas and partnered with Tom in Artistic Awning. He spent the next
14 years taking over the industry and providing his clients with the best the market had to offer.
Kandus (Steve’s niece) came to work with Steve and they worked in unison until he and Tom
sold the business.

At this point Steve was ready for a change in scenery so he moved to Vernon and opened
Vernon Awning. It was here that Winston (Steve’s son-in-law) came into the business to help
and learn. They worked together for a few years, but Winston wanted to be closer to home as
he lives on the Westside and as all good things must come to an end Vernon Awning closed, but
Winston had realized his passion in another shady industry.

After many conversations about the next step Steve and Winston moved under the roof of
Westside Canvas and Manufacturing to develop the awning and screen division. Around this
time Kandus (Steve’s niece and the original owner of Westside Canvas and Manufacturing)
decided she was ready for a change and sold her house and bought a campground in Rock
So an opportunity presented itself to Winston and his wife, Carmen and they decided to take on
the family business and purchase the company thus creating their new business Westside
Canvas and Awning Ltd.
Steve is still here helping us learn everything we need to know and we look forward to being the
extended warranty for the next 35 years or so if we can keep up to the old man (the OG ‘original
awning guy’).

Our Mission

At Westside Canvas & Awning we want to make it our mission to inform our customers about the importance of quality when it comes to outdoor products. All types of weather; sun, rain, wind and dirt all take their toll on your awning, boat or other outdoor material items. By using the proper fabrics and hardware you can be assured that your investment will last for many years.

Most companies boast about customer service and so do we,  but we mean it . With our 35 years (plus) experience in the industry we can source most things and there is very little we have not seen, so if you have an invention or just want a custom hockey bag for your son we will make it our goal to satisfy your needs. Westside Canvas and Awning is a small family owned business and we understand the importance of doing things properly and on time, whether it is a patch on your tarp or a large commercial awning.

As a final note we would like our customers to know not all things need to be new. Recycling where possible is a wonderful way to save money and the environment. Awnings can be re-skinned, patio furniture can be recovered, tent zippers replaced, etc.

Contribute to helping the world; recycle, repair, restuff or redesign!

About Us

We have been providing protection from sun, rain, wind and dirt with awnings and custom canvas to homeowners and business in the Okanagan, since 1989. We are proud of our expertise and delighted to have such great and loyal clientele. At Westside Canvas & Awning, open in West Kelowna, we offer beautiful and functional solutions for a wide range of outdoor needs.

Give us a call if you are looking for;

• Patio Awnings
• Window Awnings
• Drop Screens
• Snap on Screens
• Commercial Awnings
• Boat Tops
• Patio Furniture Covers
• RV Retractable Awnings
• Custom Canvas Manufacturing

What our Customers Say.

“I was in a pickle last month when my truck tarp ripped apart and I needed to take a load to Vancouver. I called Westside Canvas to explain my problem and they dropped everything and had a new tarp made for me in 24 hours. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the prompt service. There is no doubt I will be a long time customer.”

Ronald Saja • Trucker

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