Mission Statement

At Westside Canvas and Manufacturing we want to make it our mission to inform our customers about the importance of quality when it comes to outdoor products. All types of weather; sun, rain, wind and dirt all take their toll on your awning, boat or other outdoor material items. By using the proper fabrics and hardware you can be assured that your investment will last for many years.

Most companies boast about customer service and so do we,  but we mean it . With our 20 years (plus) experience in the industry we can source most things and there is very little we have not seen, so if you have an invention or just want a custom hockey bag for your son we will make it our goal to satisfy your needs. Westside Canvas and Manufacturing is a small family owned business and we understand the importance of doing things properly and on time, whether it is a patch on your tarp or a large commercial awning.

As a final note we would like our customers to know not all things need to be new. Recycling where possible is a wonderful way to save money and the environment. Awnings can be re-skinned, patio furniture can be recovered, tent zippers replaced, etc.

Contribute to helping the world; recycle, repair, restuff or redesign!